Discount Coupons!

Eaglesoft Product Discounts


1. Right click Coupon above and use browser "save picture as" function to save to a location you prefer.
2. Download desired Aircraft and open Purchase screen, click Coupon button, navigate to and select saved Coupon, the price will change.
3. Complete the purchase. See our FAQs Page, Questions 10/11 for more information on the Secure Ecommerce transaction.

Discount Coupons must be used at time of purchase for discount price to be applied! See sample illustration above.
Discount Coupons are available for 30 Day periods and are designed to assist customers who wish to obtain discounts for any of the following reasons.

A. Wish to make a discounted purchase during Holidays and/or other seasonal events.
B. Wish to make a transition from one Flight Simulator version to a newer Flight Simulator version.
C. Wish to make a transition from one Eaglesoft Aircraft version to a newer Eaglesoft Aircraft version.

Eaglesoft at its discretion, may offer Product Discount Coupons for Sales and Promotional events or purposes yet to be determined.
Be sure to download the Discount Coupon prior to purchase and have it available at the time you wish to apply it to your new purchase.